Live QO100

This is highly beta code... so expect some interruptions while we work on it.

Tired of tuning to all those DATV stations on Oscar100?
This site has the solution.... just sit back and relax. We do all the tuning for you.
We have 3 minitiouners in our network right now....(ON4BHM - ON7ATV - ON8GE)
and there are more to come... We will stop when we have at least 10 tuners in our network
Soon public client software will be available for download.

If you want to view the stream with less delay: You can use VLC to view this rtmp://

NOTE: Before a station is tuned to, it has to be stable on frequency for at least 10 seconds. After that a tune command is send to the remote minitioune client.
When there is video, it is transported in WebRTC protocol to the server. The server builds the mosaic and sends the video to an external encoder.
This encoder sends rtmp video format to our streaming server.

If you have any questions or suggestions or remarks: please mail me at on4bhm at